Peninsula Kitchen Pune

A variation of the island concept, this kitchen forms an extra l shape, reducing the size of the work triangle and helping control traffic flow in a large kitchen. Separated from the main work centres it can house a combination of appliances or be used for food preparation.

Out of several other Eat-in types of dining cum kitchen style designs, the Peninsula Kitchen is the one which is unique when it comes to its interior layout. Apart from being spacious, it gives a very elegant look to your kitchen, since it occupies a large space and provides several arrays to work in. Storage is easy and the interiors is open for numerous experimentations like installing a small bar at a corner or combining your central mount into a showcase for storing your wine bottles as well as for dining. You can select themes for your interiors based upon your idea of your dream kitchen. Peninsula kitchens are comfortable for handling heavy workloads and are perfect for throwing occasional parties and get-together. The best part is that it is not going to appear over crowded or congested even if the number of unexpected guests increases a little bit.

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