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If you are looking for beautiful Modular kitchens, we guarantee to have a kitchen that you’ll fall in love with, no matter what you are looking for. A visit to our kitchen showroom in is a must if you are in the midst of a kitchen planning project.

A Bella’ is not sold like a television or a washing machine. It starts off as a virtual product that only goes into production when an order is placed. Because each kitchen is individually designed and tailored to the specific requirements of our customers, only the expertise, creativity and skill of Bella’ specialists make your new kitchen a perfect kitchen. A distinction Bella’ customers have learned to cherish.

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Pune formerly spelled Poona (1857-1978), is the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. It is the ninth most populous city in the country with an estimated population of 3.13 million. Along with its industrial twin Pimpri-Chinchwad as well as the three cantonment areas of Pune, Khadki and Dehu Road, Pune forms the urban core of the eponymous Pune Metropolitan Region. According to the 2011 census, the urban area has a combined population of 5.05 million while the population of the metropolitan region is estimated at 7.27 million. Situated 560 metres (1,837 feet) above sea level on the Deccan plateau on the right bank of the Mutha river, Pune is also the administrative headquarters of its namesake district. In the 18th century, the city was the seat of the Peshwas, the prime ministers of the Maratha empire and hence, one of the most important political centers on the Indian subcontinent.

Considered to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra,  Pune is known as "Oxford of the East" due to the presence of several well-known educational institutions. The city has emerged as a major educational hub in recent decades, with nearly half of the total international students in the country studying in Pune. Since the 1950s and 1960s, Pune has had a traditional old-economic base as most of the old industries continue to grow. The city is known for its manufacturing and automobile industries, as well as for research institutes of information technology (IT), education, management and training, which attracts students and professionals from India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Several colleges in Pune have student-exchange programs with colleges in Europe. The game of Badminton was developed in Pune and the game's earlier name was Poona.

The art of cooking existed ever since the beginning of human civilization. As old and rich is the city and culture of Pune, so is it’s food culture too. The ‘Gallis’ of Pune would be always soaked in an intoxicating aroma of delicious foods. But you have to agree that preparing these delicacies involves lot of efforts, patience and hard work. All that we do is, sit, eat and enjoy, but usually not realizing the time and trouble that was involved in preparing one dish.

We all know that food is the inseparable part of our life. Whether we are hungry or not, we stroll in our kitchen and open our fridge, number of times to just grab something to munch on. How about revolutionizing your kitchen and turning it into a Modern Modular Kitchen with every detailing which would make the cooking experience more smooth and enjoyable? Nothing is better than a perfectly organized, sleek and beautiful kitchen where not only the one who is working is happy, but which also serves as a social center of your house! Where you can also spend a quality time with your family and friends. In Pune Kitchens, we bring to you a huge versatility in kitchen stylizations. We enable you to choose among the best Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Accessories among the large variety of them available in the market. The best thing about our deals is that, you can trust us on quality and you can select the base materials for your cabinets, tables, island mounts etc among thousands of designs, textures, colours or tones.

Our city is small, spaces are limited but our requirements are huge! Hence in Pune Kitchens, we personally work with the vision to make available this privileged of having a Modular Kitchen to every household with best affordable price and zero compromise with quality. In Pune Kitchens, we maintain the quality and customer relationship by helping you to find the best kitchen solutions.

Pune kitchen is one of the best kitchen solutions at your door step! You are just a call away from turning your boring unorganized and monotonous kitchen into a perfectly sleek, sober and stylish Modern modular kitchen.

Kitchen Types

Not every home is same! Neither are the people who dwell inside. So it is obvious that the kinds of kitchen should vary from home to home. Types of kitchen that appeals someone may vary from person to person. It is also not necessary that the house you live in or the flat you just booked for yourself is going to offer you sufficiently comfortable kitchen zone. Don’t be disheartened because we know that nothing is perfect! However, with a dynamic range of kitchen stylizations and layouts, we can utilize the given space and take maximum output from it.

Different types of kitchens help you to organize and maintain your overflowing kitchen wares properly and keep your kitchen look sleek and presentable always. Variety in kitchen styles helps you to select appropriate kitchen type as per your blue prints interior requirements. You can go for an Island kitchen, a G-Shaped kitchen or a fully furnished Peninsula kitchen if you have a large area. You can go for line kitchens, U-Shaped or l-Shaped kitchens for maximum utilization of your minimum space.

In Pune kitchens, we understand your demands for the right kind of kitchens. After all kitchens are like life supporting units of every household!

Line kitchen

Small is beautiful! Our families have shrunk and so the houses too. We have limited space and that has to be used effectively. Line kitchens are the best option for narrow and small rooms. Lying along one side of any wall, it occupies the least possible space you could imagine for a sleek and beautiful kitchen. Line kitchens make your medium size rooms look larger than its real size. You can have a lot of space left for turning it into a living room or a dining room. Line kitchens never spoil the looks of your room rather gives it a postmodern and trendy effect. Thinking that you have to compromise with your storage options and appliances?? Not at all! Every single requirement of your kitchens like your appliances (small or big) , your accessories and all your kitchen equipments will be neatly set up without disturbing the aesthetic outlook of your room!

Parallel Kitchen

A few things inside a kitchen would never go hand in hand. Like wet and dry portions or vegetarian and non vegetarian food lovers in single family or just over flowing kitchen appliances and your space issues. Take for example; at times we need a portion where we want everything to be dry and clean. At the same time there need to be a space where you can vacant all your damp rugs, and use the space for doing water chores. Keeping the sink and the working surface of kitchen hob makes your kitchen very much messy and hard to manage. Parallel kitchen style allows you to divide your kitchen interior into two separate sides opposite to each other and divide them for wet and dry works. If your partner and you have some issues over vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines, then you can easily separate the work surfaces accordingly. Parallel kitchens are best when more than two people are working inside the kitchen. It gives you a larger space to work as well as keeps your kitchen organized and hygienic.

U Shaped Kitchens

Looking for a full fledged modular kitchen in a small guarded corner of your home?  A U-shaped kitchen is what you need. Depending upon the number of closed corners (guarding walls) of your kitchen space, you can go for two types of U shaped kitchens. For example, if you have two adjacent walls, then you can make one leg of your U type kitchen, into a small table or a dining space by omitting the upper case cabinets and base cabinets. If you want, you can put a chair or two for sitting.
However, if your kitchen space is guarded by three walls, you can make the maximum utilization of them by creating upper cases and base cabinets. One drawback that always remains with the U style kitchens is that they become more or less congested. Hence it is recommended to plan your U style kitchens accordingly.

E-Shaped Kitchen

Much like a modified version of an Island Kitchen, the e shaped kitchen allows you to utilize the central space of your kitchen, either by turning it into a dining mount or for keeping kitchen accessories and storage. It also provides ample space for movement and for arranging small bar stools for sitting. E-Shaped kitchen are best for those household where cooking happens in bulk! It is a premium choice for joint families or for a place for regular mini gatherings. No matter how many people are working together, the kitchen would never appear congested or block someone’s comfort zone to work hence allowing each member to carry out their part peacefully and separately.

F-Shaped Kitchen

If you have a little more space, then F-Shaped kitchens are best alternative to U-Shaped ones. It serves the purposes of a U-Shaped kitchen which is to utilize the limited space efficiently. Only difference is that in F-Shaped kitchens, you gonna have a little more storage space and privacy while working even when your kids are around. It guards you from three sides yet leaving a small gap for free movement.
It lets you store more and more cutleries and cooking units. It is well organized yet open for creative experiments. At Pune kitchens, we understand the need for your comfort and privacy while working peacefully in your kitchen. Contact us for best deals in F-Shaped kitchens in Pune.

Island kitchen

Looking for a cool dining place or a small comfortable social space amidst your kitchen. Then Island kitchen type would suit your home. Island kitchen are very versatile and gives you a lot of opportunities to experiment. It’s a slightly modified version of U shaped or G shaped kitchens with a small dining space in between, giving it an island like look. And guess what! This island in between can be utilized as storage or for dining or mounting various kitchen appliances or simply for decorating. Put a couple of chairs and your social hub or an eat-in type kitchen is ready. However, dining is the basic purpose of this particular semi hexagonal or semi-circle Island in your kitchen.

Peninsula Kitchen

The ‘Adda Culture’ of Pune must have vanished from your doors and streets but is certainly maintained inside your homes, that too specially inside the kitchens of your home in Pune. Peninsula kitchen, as the name itself suggest that it is meant for large areas and kitchens with absolutely no issues when it comes to space. A Peninsula kitchen is like a grand model of island kitchen where you can have a good social centre inside your kitchen. Just like the island kitchen, this too has a center mount comparatively broader and open to greater experimentations. You can install a mini bar or go for a sophisticated dining table at the center with decorative wine bottles and candle holders. You can experiment with the look of your kitchen in thousand ways, giving it various themes or just go for either a gorgeous or a sober interior design.

T-Shaped Kitchens

We recommend you to go for a T-Shaped kitchen only if you have no space issues at all! T-Shaped kitchens are undoubtedly gorgeous. In this type of kitchen style, a dining table is attached with your kitchen peninsula or island giving it a ‘T’ shape. It gives you a lot more space for storage and surface work. T-Shaped kitchen is an exclusive work of art. Since the area that it covers is enormous in size, one has to put a lot of effort in decorating and designing the kitchen interiors with sheer detailing or else, it would look incomplete. T-shaped kitchen tables come in different sizes depending upon the number of chairs (members) you want to accommodate in. Since you have separate dining table here, so your kitchen peninsula/island is open for as many types of creative experiments as you like.

Kitchen Is Made Of

Kitchen Accessories

Cooking is an art, so your kitchen should not be anything less than a creative workshop for your master pieces. A kitchen equipped with all necessary kitchen appliances and accessories make the art of cooking much easier, enjoyable and stress free. Preparing a modular kitchen is in itself a creative process and here in Pune Kitchen, we provide you the best quality of Kitchen Accessories in the market. We bring you the latest products and kitchen essentials ranging from cook wares, dining sets, serving sets, storage equipments, thermowares, slicers, cutters, choppers, bake wares to everything that you need to build your Sophisticated Dream Kitchen. A beautiful and well equipped kitchen is not only a pleasure to work in but also a thing to flaunt in your circle. We provide everything that you need to accomplish your Culinary Arts.

The market now-a-days, is overflowing with kitchen accessories. Then why choose Pune Kitchen? It is because we know what are the exclusive products and services that a kitchen in Pune demands for.  In a city where the food culture is so dynamic and foodies are not only the residents but the tourists too, the kitchens should be ever ready to serve, like South Indian cuisine in the morning, North Indian in Lunch, Chinese for the evening and may be Continental for the dinner, added with frequent deserts time to time. For this, you would require to update your kitchen with basic accessories like microwaves, ovens, blenders, beaters, cookers, steamers, hobs and so on! Not to forget the little units like choppers, peelers, cutters, slicers, dicers, knifes, mixing bowls, spatulas, grinders, mixers, and a huge range of other items.

We know that not everyone loves cooking, but certainly everybody loves eating. Kitchen accessories are boon for those people who struggle with their mid night prangs. Most of the times we have all the ingredients, but the thought of preparing something edible out of it worries us. Here in Pune Kitchen, we bring you the accessories that will help you preparing mini meals with least amount of efforts and time. We have Electric Kettles, Electric Cookers, Roti Makers, Electronic Egg Boilers and many more products.

Kitchen Appliances

We no more live in the era where people had plenty of time to arrange materials and prepare ingredients for a perfect meal. Earlier, it would be no wonder to see our grandmother spending hours to prepare a perfect recipe. Whether it be the Paanch Phodong, (the premium spicy taste enhancer originated in Orissa) or a delicate mustard coconut paste for an exotic Fish Malai Curry, it would always require a lot of patience, time and labor to be put in for getting the perfect taste. But today, time is limited and demands are more. Hence Kitchen appliances are must for your modern modular kitchen in Pune.

Kitchen appliances are boon for every food lover who wants to cook instant delicious food without putting much effort. Specially for students, amateurs and working woman, it is of a great help. Markets these days are flooded with a huge variety of kitchen appliances ranging from mixers, grinders, ovens, sandwich makers, egg boilers, electric kettles, induction units, toasters and so on. Most of the appliances out of these, you can find in your nearby markets but there are a few new comer products which are hardly available in the local markets.

We in Pune kitchens, try our best to make your search easy. We offer you the largest variety of kitchen appliances from the leading brands at best deals. Kitchen appliances should be reliable in terms of safety. Hence in Pune kitchens, we make sure that all the appliances are ISI marked and that it reaches to you seal packed. So, do not waste any more time. Hurry up and avail the amazing new range of products everyday to make your cooking experience a better and easy one!

Kitchen Baskets

There has never been a better alternative to the kitchen baskets. Baskets are one of the most demanded kitchen units since a long time. Only thing that has changed about them is their design. But its presence in your kitchen is inevitable. Especially if you are a person who loves cleanliness and dampness free kitchen, then baskets are must for you. Baskets are generally made of stainless steel so they are rust free and durable. Most baskets are either stored below your cooking platform or can be hanged on the walls of your kitchen. However, these days we also have light weighted portable drawer type baskets which can easily be installed near your sink. This helps you to clean your dishes and store them directly into your basket. Baskets are grilled; hence it sheds away any amount of water which remains on your utensils after being washed.

Baskets can also be installed inside drawer cabinets. Baskets segregate your utensils very efficiently. In Pune kitchens, we bring to you over a dozen type of multipurpose baskets. Our range of baskets includes the drawer baskets, cutlery baskets, partition baskets, perforated cutlery baskets, plate basket, pull out basket, double pull out basket, triple pull out type basket, cup saucer basket, multipurpose rack and so on. Baskets are an absolute blessing to the households which are overloaded with utensils and kitchen wares. It saves space, keeps your kitchen hygienic and makes your everyday kitchen chores hassle free. Baskets can also be personalized as per your space and requirements. All you got to do is to give Pune Kitchens, the prior details of your requirements.

Kitchen cabinets

We can hardly imagine a kitchen in Pune that is not overflowing with spice jars, jam containers, pickle jars, vegetable and fruit bowls and tons of utensils. Cemented kitchen Racks are absolutely outdated and spoils the look of your kitchen. And they are hardly save your fruits/nuts, pickles, cookies and other spices from the reach of your little ones who can possibly dash them on ground and neither they are helpful in keeping the rodents and other infectious pollutants feeding on them and spoiling them. More or less, they are now outdated.

What is in the trend, are the beautiful kitchen cabinets available in countless varieties and which comes in large number of colours, styles, shaped and designs. Kitchen cabinets are the foremost requirement of modular kitchens now-a-days. When you live in a place like Pune, you would prefer the maximum possible utilization of your space which is often limited. Kitchen Cabinets saves space and apart from being used as mini store rooms or separated sections, it can also be used to display your favorite sets of cutleries too.

Customized kitchen cabinets are no longer a dream. In Pune kitchens, we install/provide a large number and varieties of kitchen cabinets depending upon the layout of your kitchen. Some of the available styles are the Flat Panel Cabinets, Double door Cabinets, Customized Backsplash Cabinets or a set of horizontal drawers with solid surface countertops or Recessed-Panel Cabinets. Colours and variety in designs are huge, ranging from solid colours to wooden cabinets with plenty of tones and textures, all to suit your kitchen décor.

Kitchen chimney

A kitchen chimney is that essential unit of a kitchen, which actually hides and saves you from the most unwanted and irritating side of cooking. That is, the pungent fumes and effervescence rising from your preparations. In recent times, when the houses are becoming compact and spaces are limited, these fumes and gases spreads easily across the rooms of your home and irritates your eyes and nostrils, also turning your cooking experience uncomfortable and a big havoc. It makes it absolutely impossible to even stay inside the house without proper ventilation, making you to cough vigorously.

Chimneys are life savers in such cases. They suck out all the gases and fumes and direct them out from your house. Installing a chimney also helps you to protect all your kitchen electric appliances from moisture and also protects other house hold utility objects with smooth ceramic or fiber/glass surfaces. Wondering how? Actually the fumes and effervescences produced while cooking gets stuck to the smooth surfaces of you refrigerators, ceiling fans, tables and elsewhere making them greasy and lets the dust and dirt stick on them making it hard to be cleaned. Also, the moisture in form of vapors, damages the electronic objects.

While buying chimneys for your kitchen, always keep the following characteristics of a good chimney in mind. The first being the size, then the type of filter used, its suction power, its ducting and lastly its design. The installation and fitting of a chimney also needs expertise. We recommend you to go for a skilled person for it. Depending upon its installation, there can be Wall Mounted Chimneys, Island Chimneys for Island Kitchens and Built-in-Chimneys which are generally covered behind the wall. Depending upon the type of filters used, there can be Baffle filter, Ducting filter, Charcoal filter, Aluminium Mesh filter etc.

Contact with Pune kitchens for getting the best type of chimney for your modular kitchen in Pune. Ask your queries and confusions regarding the right type of chimney for your kitchen. Our experts would be happy to guide you and avail you the most appropriate product for your kitchen.

Kitchen Furniture

Most people would like to spend the least of their time in kitchen. Hence, we understand the need for a modern modular kitchen which is well equipped with a range of kitchen furniture. Furnitures helps in storing and organizing your kitchen beautifully, and turning your cooking experience into a relaxing and smooth one. Your kitchen in Pune is likely to be flooding with spice jars and utensils. You don’t have to hassle anymore because all your utensils, spices jars and cookwares are well organized into cabinets, trolleys and baskets. Whatever you need is now on your fingertips.

Spending time with your family while dinner or just teaching your kids while you cook sounds better? All you have to do for this is getting a dining table and chairs. What you can do is to arrange the dining table near or inside your kitchen where you can eat with your family, or chat with your friends while cooking.
How about turning your kitchen into an ‘eat-in’ type dining space? Yes! It is possible to turn your kitchen into a social hub. Now you don’t have to worry about attending your guests because you can do it right from your cooking space. Kitchen Carts and Kitchen Islands helps you to turn your kitchen area into a small social center of your house. Also, if you are looking for setting up a mini bar, we will provide you with exclusive bar furniture like bar stools, glass wares, bar cabinets and so on.

You don’t have to worry about quality of materials, designs, styles, colours and finishing while you deal with Pune kitchens. We assure that only the best quality of Kitchen Furniture is delivered for your Kitchen in Pune.

Kitchen Gas hobs

The science behind a delicious recipe, not only depends upon the cooking skills and ingredients used, but also on proper heating device used for cooking. Conventional cooking involved a non-stop struggle of the cook with optimizing and regulating the heat and cleaning them after use. You must be aware about the Chulhas and Gas Stoves? But today we cannot think of struggling like that because now we have Gas Hobs in our Modular Kitchens. Gas hobs ensure that the heat from the burner is evenly distributed on the body of the cooking utensil.

There are many advantages of selecting a good Gas Hob. It will help you prepare a healthy food, will save your fuel (which is damn expensive!) and it also helps in cooking on more than two or three burners which is actually going to save a lot of time. Apart from this, Gas Hobs are easy to clean and stylish in their appearance.

Deciding which Gas Hob is good for you is tricky. But in Pune Kitchens, we will guide you in choosing the best for your kitchen in Pune as per your requirements. We provide you with Ceramic Hobs, Induction Hobs, Electric Plate Hobs, Gas hobs and Gas on Glass Hobs. Each type of gas hob has its unique features and specializations which will be intimidated to you on purchase.

Kitchen shutters

Shutters are something which should be wisely chosen. Shutters are available in indefinite number of colours, textures, tones, materials and designs. This might make the selection process a bit confusing or tricky. You need to have a good aesthetic sense for selecting that unique shutter which is solely meant for your kitchen interior. It might happen that you are all confused and end up with a rather bizarre kind of shutter which is disastrous to the finishing of your kitchen!

Basically, shutters are used for ventilation and for covering or protecting your cabinets. It is always better to study the details of your kitchen and then decide on what kind of shutters do you require.
It’s just like selecting the Outfit first and the accessories later by matching and mixing.

The quality and price of the shutters are determined by the materials used, textures, designs and thickness of the ply or sheet. Among the category of Laminated Shutters are the Post Formed Shutters (machine pressed MICA sheets on ply wood), Decorative Laminated Shutters and PVC Membrane Laminated Shutters. Among the wooden shutters are the Natural Wood Shutters (Teak, Oak, Rubber wood etc) and the Veneered Kitchen Shutters. Other type of shutters involves Painted Shutters and Aluminum Shutters. In case of Customized Shutters the quality, finishing and the beauty of shutters, finally depends upon the skills of the carpenter. So we recommend you to take help form our specialists at Pune Kitchens before deciding on which shutters would be best. We at Pune kitchens would not only help you to select among the best, but also to select what is ‘best for you’.

Kitchen Trolley

Talking of a modern modular kitchen in your house in Pune and that too without a trolley is as absurd as talking about a nice get up without a perfect pair of shoes. Think about the times when you need to serve your guests immediately and you don’t have a helping hand? Would you bring your dishes or tea sets one by one or risk them all on a single tray! No Way! So here is a perforated trolley which is mobile, small, handy yet spacious and portable for use. All you need to do is to set your cutleries, beverages and other food items that you want to serve and go ahead! It would help you to make a sophisticated impression on your guests. Believe me! Trolleys are not just for organizing kitchen wares but they are much more useful than they appear.

Trolleys are ideal for storage! Apart from organizing kitchen wares, it also helps you in putting all those bulky vegetables and groceries at a small compressed space which otherwise would have occupied a lot of free area in your kitchen. Now you don’t have to struggle with the rug sacks anymore. Just put your vegetable into different sections of your trolleys and drag them near to you whenever needed.

Trolleys are durable and are available in many shapes, types and sizes. There are several kinds of trolleys for various purposes like the Three Drawer kitchen trolley set which are helpful in distinctly storing plates and cutleries and also has two drawer units. Then there are Two-Three Shelf trolleys, Sink trolleys which are installed near or below your sink so that you can wash your utensils and put them directly inside your trolley. Pull out type kitchen trolleys can be installed either in the drawers or inside the cabinets. The best part about trolleys is that you can customize them to fit into any of your kitchen furniture. Trolleys can either be made up of stainless steel or wooden material depending upon your choice and budget. In Pune kitchens, we give you unlimited choices in kitchen trolleys to choose among.

The ‘Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Rankings’ evaluated living conditions in more than 440 cities around the world and
ranked Pune at 145, second in India after Hyderabad at 144. The same source highlights Pune among evolving business
centres and nine emerging cities around the world with the citation "Hosts IT and automotive companies". The 2017 Annual
Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS) report release by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, adjudged Pune
as the best governed city amongst 23 major cities across 20 states.

The modern city of Pune has many distinct neighbourhoods. These include the numerous peths of the old city on the eastern
bank of the Mutha river, the cantonment areas of Khadki and Pune built by the British, old suburbs such as Deccan
Gymkhana and the newer ones such as Kothrud on the western bank of the Mutha river. Industrial developments started in
the 1950s in the outlining areas of the city such as Hadapsar in the east and, Bhosari and Pimpri in the north,
respectively. The industrial growth in the Pimpri, Chinchwad and Bhosari areas allowed these areas to incorporate as the
separate city of Pimpri-Chinchwad. Many other villages on the fringe have been absorbed by the cities of Pune and
Pimpri-Chinchwad in recent decades. Some of these villages have now grown into fully fledged suburbs such as Kothrud,
Katraj, Hadapsar, Aundh and Baner. Since the advent of the IT industry at the turn of the century, Hinjawadi and Wagholi
have emerged as a prominent suburb. The Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR), initially defined in 1967, has grown to include a
combined area of 7,256.46 km2 spread over ten talukas of the Pune district. The twin cities of Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad
along with the three cantonment areas of Pune, Khadki and Dehu Road form the urban core of the PMR, which further
includes seven municipal councils and 842 villages.

Since the 1990s, a number of integrated townships and gated communities have come into being on the outskirts of the city
on former agriculture land such as Magarpatta, Nanded, Amanora, Blue Ridge, Life Republic and Lavasa. Most of these were
built by private developers and also managed privately. Besides housing, they offer business opportunities and access to
infrastructure, which, by law, has to be significantly better than in the rest of the city, e.g. with 24/7 provision of
electricity and water. The largest and most prestigious of these townships, Magarpatta City, was developed by a local
farmers’ community and described as ‘self-sustainable ecological habitat'. Integrated townships provide essential
infrastructure services like schools, health care and recreational facilities. According to PMC, six townships with up to
15,000 housing units already existed in Pune in 2012 and 25 more were in the planning process.

Pune’s suburbs transform the city’s property market

Suburban areas in Pune offer numerous affordable and mid-range housing developments. We look at why these property
markets can be ideal options, for end-users and investors alike

One does not tend to think of Pune as a metropolitan city, especially when compared to neighbouring Mumbai. Unlike
Mumbai, however, Pune has the benefit of being able to grow spatially and it has been doing so at a very rapid rate. With
the constant absorption of surrounding villages, the city will, at some point, overtake Mumbai in terms of developed and
developing urban areas. Even today, Pune’s suburbs account for a massive geographic spread and these suburbs are seeing
the highest rate of affordable and mid-range housing developments.

Pune’s suburbs

Pune’s suburban market includes areas like Ambegaon, Undri, Baner, Pashan, Warje, Bavdhan, Dhayari, Katraj, Mohammedwadi,
Mundhwa, Manjri, Hadapsar, Daund, Kharadi, Wadgaon Sheri, Dhanori, Pirangut, Hinjewadi, Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park,
Wagholi, Chakan, Fursungi, Saswad, Katraj, Chikhli, Kasarwadi, Kalewadi, Phugewadi, Pimple Saudagar, Pimple Nilakh,
Pimple Gurav, Tathawade, Thergaon, Talawade, Sangvi, Wakad, Dapodi, Hinjewadi, Bhosari, Pimpri, Chinchwad, Dighi, Nigdi,
Moshi, Charholi Budruk, Ravet and Akurdi.

Some of these suburbs perform better than others. Suburbs closer to the city’s IT/ITeS parks perform best, as they
attract steady demand from buyers with bigger budgets. Consequently, such locations also have better civic and social
infrastructure. Other suburbs have large integrated townships being developed. Many of the extended suburbs, presently
have only budget housing being developed. However, with infrastructure improvements and spill-over of demand from
saturated areas close by, these extended suburbs witness a corresponding improvement in their profiles.

Why the suburbs are better than central locations
Contrary to popular belief, the suburbs are where the actual real estate action lies. There is a common misconception,
vis-à-vis growing cities like Pune, that the most valuable real estate locations lie in the city’s central areas. While
housing options in and around the center of the city, will always see demand thanks to their proximity to the central
business district and secondary business district, many of these central locations remain unaffordable and congested.
Developers are usually able to acquire only very small land parcels in central areas. Such plots will accommodate only a
limited number of flats in the housing project.

Moreover, as the space available on such plots is restricted, these developers offer limited or no amenities in these
Modular Kitchen Projects . At the end of the day, what one sees, is tiny and restricted residential areas that offer
little or no lifestyle amenities, while simultaneously adding to the urban woes in Pune’s central areas.

Prime residential destinations

Some of the best-performing suburbs, which host Modular Kitchen Projects with good facilities by reputed developers, are
Ambegaon, Undri, Hadapsar, Baner, Wakad and Hinjewadi. These suburbs are driven by Pune’s burgeoning IT/ITeS sector,
which has proven to be the single-largest booster for residential and commercial real estate in the city. While
properties in and around the IT hubs tend to be too expensive to attract the bulk of end-users and investors, areas that
are well-connected to these employment hubs and also offer lower property prices, are very much in demand.

With great strides taken in the city’s development of the city’s infrastructure, Pune also referred to as the Queen of
the Deccan, has become an attractive location for people to reside. With tons of companies shifting to Pune, hordes of
residential Modular Kitchen Projects being taken up by prominent builders and overall cost of living not creating a hole
in the pocket, the city is a very good option for residency and if you are looking for flats on rent in Pune, these are
the best options-

1. Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park is definitely one of the most elite areas and a prestigious address in Pune. From being primarily a
residential area, Koregaon Park has developed to a commercial marketplace as well. The famous German Bakery is situated
in this area and it also boasts of housing cafes such as Hard Rock Café and Starbucks. With its evolution in to a
commercial centre, Koregaon Park is a sought after place for expatriates for residency. One thing has to be kept in mind
about Koregaon Park is that, the property rates here are high, very high! So if a lavish spending doesn’t pose a cause of
concern, Koregaon Park will welcome you with open arms.

2. Kalyani Nagar

Another prime location in Pune is Kalyani Nagar. It has witnessed a major rise in construction and development sector,
owing to so many professionals shifting base to Pune. Kalyani Nagar has some of the best IT Parks and various companies
have set up their offices in this area. It also provides great connectivity to Koregaon park courtesy a 300 meter bridge
that has been constructed. If you looking for a flat on rent in Pune, Kalyani nagar is one of the most preferred options.

3. Boat Club Road

One of the best localities in Pune, Boat Club Road, is a great location for residency. It offers close proximity to the
airport and railway station. At a stone’s throw away from Boat Club Road is a cluster of malls, restaurants, the market
place, schools and hospitals. This is a very good locality is an individual is planning to relocate with his/her family.

4. Hadapsar

The IT and ITES hub of Pune, Hadapsar, is one such area which has undergone immense transformation. A locality with
solely farms at one point in time, Hadapsar has seen a drastic makeover. Corporate biggies such as IBM, Accenture, TCS
and SAS, to name a few, have their offices here. The Magarpatta city and Fursungi IT Park are standout names in this
city. From the residential point of view, there are loads of entertainment and recreational facilities and the
development in the real estate make it a good option to settle down.

5. Wagholi

If any expat is willing to invest in some property and expect a very good positive return in the future, then Wagholi
should be the location that he/she should be targeting. The place is witnessing great improvement as each day progresses.
Many prominent builders have taken up various residential Modular Kitchen Projects as well, which make it a good place
to find rented flats in Pune.

6. Kothrud

Located in the south-west region of Pune, Kothrud is a town which has been a revelation. It was named as one of the
fastest developing suburbs in Asia by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is one of the most urban and upmarket
residential locality in the city of Pune. Owing to its convenient location and the connectivity to other parts of Pune,
Kothrud is one of the best residential area in Pune.

7. Wakad

Another example of a rural area undergoing transformation and coming out as a major urban area is Wakad. Top notch
infrastructure, continuous water and power supply have been the key in making Wakad a sought after place of residence by
many individuals. It is easy to find a flat on rent in Pune if you start from Wakad.

8. Kharadi

Located in the eastern side of Pune, Kharadi has blossomed into a massive urban area. What was once upon a time a vast
expanse of barren land, is now cluttered with residential and commercial Modular Kitchen Projects . It is located close
to the airport and major areas such as Koregaon Park, Cyber City and Kalyani Nagar. The connectivity by road also is a
boon with road development Modular Kitchen Projects being completed in this area. Owing to the development and
affordable housing available, Kharadi is a very good option to buy a house.

9. Bavdhan

Located between three hills on the south, east and west with the Pashan Lake in the north, lays Bavdhan. Apart from being
located in a very serene environment, it also enjoys a strategic location, between Aundh and Kothrud which are well
developed suburbs of Pune. Bavdhan is one of the most sought after residential locations in Pune, not just for its
serenity but also its proximity to Hinjewadi IT Park, presence of educational institutions in large numbers and shopping

10. Viman Nagar

Without a shadow of a doubt, Viman Nagar is a complete package. With good transportation facilities to its residents,
proximity to the airport, presence of 2 major IT Parks and housing malls such as Inorbit and Phoenix Market City, Viman
Nagar is the best of the lot. It offers affordable to luxury housing as well, which make it a place worth residing in.
With infrastructure that is improving every day and the cost of living which does not hurt anyone, Pune has all it takes
to be a place worth shifting to.

10 Best Ready-To-Move-In Modular Kitchen Projects In Pune

There can be nothing more exciting or stressful than planning to shift homes. While you want to move up the ladder with
your new living space, you may not want to risk investing in an under-construction apartment, since it may involve
waiting for project completion. With a number of builders offering ready-to-move-in flats in India, life is easy if you
have the money to pay for it upfront.

Here Is Our List Of Top Ten Pune Real Estate Modular Kitchen Projects That Are Ready-To-Move In-
1. Teerth Tower, Baner –
You have always dreamt of living in a place where all the conveniences that you ever wanted were just a stone's throw
away. This project is definitely going to make all your dreams come true! While your kids indulge in their hobbies at the
tennis or basketball courts, you can play a quick round of golf before joining your wife on the jogging track.
Rate: 5,800 per sq. ft.

2. Pride Gateway, Baner –
If you're in a rush to move in and don't have the time to bother with setting up home right now, this is the place for
you. Semi-furnished flats with all modern-day facilities are waiting for you to move right away!

3. Manav Swapnalok, Hadapsar –
All good things in life come with a hefty tag, right? Wrong! Like the name suggests, the developers have made a conscious
effort to make your dreams a reality by giving you world-class amenities at a price that will have you rushing to make
your investment here! Rate: 3,400 per sq. ft.

4. Sukhwani Dynasty, Wakad –
Your wait for a dream home has been worth it for a chance to live in the beautifully designed homes here. The two and
three BHK ready-to-move-flats in Pune have been planned using state-of-the-art architecture, and this project showcases
it all. Rate: 5,800 per sq. ft.

5. Kotle Patil Tuscan Estate, Kharadi –
Located in one of the prime plots in Pune, this project offers you everything you have ever dreamed of, and then some
more. From a multipurpose play court to steamy sessions of spa and massage, you can indulge your whims while you leave
your kids safely in the crèche or play area. Rate: 7,261 per sq. ft.

6. BA Vermont, Wagholi –
If you are lookig to make the right investment in a 2BHK in Pune, you will be spoilt for choice. BA Vermont is the right
place for you, if you are looking for the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and convenience. Rate: 4,200 per sq. ft.

7. Marvel Sonnet, Viman Nagar –
From the lavish apartments to the revolutionary new home automation technology, everything here spells out luxury. The
internationally-styled home has all the features that you need to live life kingsize. With just one apartment on each
floor, your privacy is guaranteed as you invite your friends for a private dinner on your landscaped terrace! Price on

8. Gagan Emerald, Kondhwa –
This contemporary residential project has something to offer to everyone. Whether it is fitting a two or three BHK in
your budget or providing you with world-class amenities, the Emerald promises it all. Rate: 4,300 sq. ft.

9. Bhandari Associates' 43 Privet Drive, Balewadi –
The very name invokes images straight out of the Harry Potter movies. While you are not likely to bump into wizards in
this project, you will still be left mesmerized by the stunning architecture. The mix of artistic designs with practical
planning is something that has been effortlessly achieved here. You can grab a quick read in the library or sip a cuppa
at the cafeteria while you put your feet up in satisfaction at the life you've created here. Rate: 7,000 per sq. ft.

10. Costa Blanca, Baner –
This is the address to beat, if you are looking for the right blend of opulence and spaciousness. The large balconies
mean that you can enjoy a good view of the sunset while you unwind from your hectic day at work. Rate: 6,500 per sq. ft.

It is the right time to invest in the real estate market. The buyers are spoilt for choice and the sellers are offering
Modular Kitchen Projects with each one surpassing the other!

Top Builders & Theirs New Residential Modular Kitchen Projects in Pune

by Atul Sharma | In kalpataru Modular Kitchen Projects in pune, kolte patil Modular Kitchen Projects in pune, New
residential Modular Kitchen Projects in Pune, top builders in pune | New Residential Modular Kitchen Projects |
Propertiesatpune.com Providing information of Top real estate developers and builders Pune, Properties At Pune dealing
with most reputed builders and developers pune, top 10 builders list, top 50 builders list.
Top Builders List In Pune City

Kolte Patil Developers & Builders in Pune:
Kolte-Patil has been creating landmarks for 25 years. Founded 2 decades ago and guided by a simple yet profound
philosophy; ‘Creation, not construction’, Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. is one of the foremost real estate companies which
is headquartered in Pune. Listed on NSE and BSE Kolte-Patil is Pune’s largest developer and has completed 1 crore sq. ft.
of landmark developments in Pune and Bengaluru. It is also present in Mumbai with some upscale redevelopment Modular
Kitchen Projects

Kilte Patil New Residential Modular Kitchen Projects List in Pune:

24k Sereno Baner Pune by Kolte Patil Developers
Life Republic By Kolte Patil At Hinjewadi, Pune
Three Jewels Katraj Kondhwa Road, Pune By Kolte Patil Developers
View More Modular Kitchen Projects Click Here

Kalpataru Group & Builders Pune
Kalpataru Group was established in 1969 by our chairman Mr. Mofatraj P.Munot. Kalpataru Limited, the flagship real estate
company of the Kalpataru Group of companies, is one of the leading real estate development groups in India. The focus has
been on the development of premium residential, commercial, retail, integrated townships, lifestyle gated communities and
redevelopment Modular Kitchen Projects primarily in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) & Pune. The Group is also
undertaking Modular Kitchen Projects in other key cities such as Jaipur, Surat, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Kalpataru Groups New Residential Modular Kitchen Projects List in Pune:

Kalpataru Crescendo Wakad Pune By Kalpataru Group
Kalpataru Jade Residences Baner Pune By Kalpataru Group
Kalpataru Harmony By Kalpataru At Wakad Pune

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Hillside Urban Hinjewadi Pune By Mittal Brothers

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Ivory Kondhwa Pune Sobha Developers Review

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Jade Residences Baner Pune By Kalpataru Group Review

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Kul Nation Manjari Pune By Kumar Builders Review

Life Republic I Ven Township Hinjewadi Pune Kolte Patil Review

Liviano Kharadi Pune Darode Jog Review

Mahavir Natura Talegaon Pune Mas Creations Review

Manas Lake Kothrud Annexe Pune By Skyi Developers Review

Mantri Vantage Kharadi Pune By Mantri Developers Review

Marvel Albero Kondhwa Pune Marvel Realtors Review

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Marvel Basilo Koregaon Park Pune By Marvel Realtors Review

Marvel Bounty Hadapsar Pune By Marvel Realtors Review

Marvel Cascada Balewadi Western Pune Marvel Realtors Review

Marvel Fria Wagholi Pune Marvel Realtors Review

Marvel Isola II J Tower NIBM Pune Marvel Realtors Review

Metro Jazz Baner Pune By Shree Balaji Developers Review

Natures Nest Talegaon Pune Vascon Engineers Review

Nature Springs Talegaon Pune Vascon Engineers Review

Park View Kharadi Pune Gera Developers Review

Park Xpress Baner Pune By Pride Purple Group Review

Pristine City Wagholi Pune Pristine Properties Review

Pristine Palms Wagholi Pune By Pristine Properties Review

Richmond Park Rahatani Pune By Paranjape Schemes Review

Rohan Ishita Mundhwa Koregaon Park Pune Rohan Builders Review

Rohan Mithila Viman Nagar Pune Rohan Builders Review

Sahara City Homes Dhanori Pune Sahara Prime City Limited Review

Senona Kharadi Pune Kolte Patil Review

Sobha Garnet Kondhwa Pune Sobha Developers Review

Stargaze Bavdhan Pune By Kolte Patil Review

The Lake District Kondhwa Pune PRA Realty Review

Tuscan Estate Kharadi Pune Kolte Patil Review

Vanalika Pirangut Pune By Calyx Group & Majestique Landmark Review

Vascon Ela Hadapsar Pune By Vascon Engineers Review

Vascon Forest County Kharadi Pune By Vascon Developers Review

Wind Chimes Undri NIBM Nyati County Pune Nyati Group Review

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Viman Nagar Modular Kitchen Projects, Vithal Nagar Modular Kitchen Projects, Wagholi Modular Kitchen Projects, Wakad
Modular Kitchen Projects .

Jai Ganesh Associates And Furniture Interior
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Monica Kitchen Decor
Address: Monica Kitchen Decor, Kharadi, Pune, Pune - 411014, Near Kolte Patil Downtown

Om Sai The Furniture World
Address: Om Sai The Furniture World, Survey No 20 3, Kharadi, Pune, Pune - 411014, Near Mundhwa River Bridge

Kitchen Hub
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Tasi Kitchens Tasi Kitchens
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Bajrangbali Steel Furniture
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First Choice Interiors In Hadapsar
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Grace Kitchen H O
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I Three Space Kitchen In Hadapsar
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To Big Bazar

Jks Kitchen Interior
Address: Jks Kitchen Interior, Laxmi Colony, Solapur Highway, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Opposite Saiba Hotel Near Sanjay Hyundai Showroom

Jyoti Kitchens
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Kitchen Magic In Hadapsar
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New Dream Kitchen And Furniture
Address: New Dream kitchen and furniture, MEGA CENTER, Shop no H-117,Pune Solapur Road, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, behind NOBLE HOSPITAL

Mr Kitchen
Address: Mr Kitchen, Wardhaman Heights, Shukrawar Peth, Pune - 411002

Laxmi Stainless Steel Works
Address: Laxmi Stainless Steel Works, 644, Narayan Peth, Pune - 411030, Opp Nmv Primary School,Appa Balwant Chowk

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Chikson Kitchens
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Stylish Modular Kitchen Trolleys
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Bajrangbali Steel Furniture
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Classic Kitchen Trolley
Address: Classic Kitchen & Trolley, Shop No 9 Meghdut Complex, Main Road, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Opposite Kale Colony , Sasane Nagar

First Choice Interiors In Hadapsar
Address: First Choice Interiors First Choice Interiors in Hadapsar, Pune, Office No 17 Chaurang Smith Shilp, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Opposite A M College

Grace Kitchen H O
Address: Grace Kitchen H O, Shop No 8 P S Tower, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Opp Nobel Hospital

I Three Space Kitchen In Hadapsar
Address: I three space kitchen I three space kitchen in Hadapsar, Pune, Shop No. 3003, Krome Mall, Hadapsar Rd, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Next To Big Bazar

Jks Kitchen Interior
Address: Jks Kitchen Interior, Laxmi Colony, Solapur Highway, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Opposite Saiba Hotel Near Sanjay Hyundai Showroom

Jyoti Kitchens
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Kitchen Magic In Hadapsar
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New Dream Kitchen And Furniture
Address: New Dream kitchen and furniture, MEGA CENTER, Shop no H-117,Pune Solapur Road, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, behind NOBLE HOSPITAL

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Eagle Modular Kitchens In Baner
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Golden Kitchen Interior In Baner Gaon Baner
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Kitchen Nine Kitchen Nine In Baner
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Mister Kitchen
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Decor Kitchen
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Exotic Designs
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Mr Kitchen
Address: Mr Kitchen, Divya Heights Shop no. 13, Rahatani Road, Pimple Saudagar, Pune - 411027, Near Car Cupid

Flora Kitchen Wardrobe
Address: Flora Kitchen & Wardrobe, 11, Raghunath Complex., Undri - Handewadi - Mohammadwadi - Hadapsar Road, Undri, Pune - 411048, Near Gitai Gym/ Bishop School

Hp Decor Pvt Ltd In Wanowrie
Address: Hp Decor Pvt Ltd Hp Decor Pvt Ltd in Wanowrie, Pune, Sacred World G 10, Wanowrie, Pune - 411040, Near Mc Donalds

Kitchen Plus
Address: Kitchen Plus, Kesnand road, Wagholi, Pune - 412207, Near bharath gas agency opp rahul fun square theatre

Narendra Modular Kitchen And Interior Designers
Address: Narendra Modular Kitchen and Interior Designers, Phoniex Blooms, Shop No 4/5, Baif Road, Wagholi, Pune - 412207, Near Bagade Jewellers

Jai Ganesh Associates And Furniture Interior
Address: Jai Ganesh Associates And Furniture Interior, Survey No 8/2, Kharadi, Pune Bypass Road, Kharadi, Pune, Pune - 411014, Opposite Radisson Hotel Yashwant Nagar

Kitchen Decor Kitchen Decor In Kharadi
Address: Kitchen Decor Kitchen Decor in Kharadi, Pune, Pune, Kharadi, Pune Bypass Road, Kharadi, Pune, Pune - 411014, Near Mundhwa Bridge

Lifestyle Decor In Kharadi
Address: Lifestyle Decor Lifestyle Decor in Kharadi, Pune, Pune, Shop No 27, Contact 8087099337, Kharadi, Pune, Pune - 411014, Near Relax Hotel

Monica Kitchen Decor
Address: Monica Kitchen Decor, Kharadi, Pune, Pune - 411014, Near Kolte Patil Downtown

Om Sai The Furniture World
Address: Om Sai The Furniture World, Survey No 20 3, Kharadi, Pune, Pune - 411014, Near Mundhwa River Bridge

Ashapura Interior Kitchen
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Annapurna Modular Kitchens
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Deccan Kitchen Trolley And Furniture
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Raj Furniture And Interior
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Das Kitchen World And Wooden Furniture Decor
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Goodluck Modular Kitchen
Address: Goodluck Modular Kitchen, Hinjewadi Wakad Road, Wakad, Pune - 411057, Opposite Yashoda Hotel

Kitchen D Decor And Interior
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Mahalaxmi Steel Arts
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Master Kitchens And Interiors
Address: Master Kitchens And Interiors, 405 I Aishwaryam Greens, Wakad, Pune - 411057, Near Mankar Chowk

Metro Railing And Modular Kitchen
Address: Metro Railing And Modular Kitchen, 49/2, Hinjewadi Road, Wakad, Pune - 411057, Near Pandit Petrol Pump,Dange Chowk

Mr And Mrs Kitchen
Address: Mr And Mrs Kitchen, Shop No 19 Capital Tower Building, Wakad Road, Wakad, Pune - 411057, Near Pratham Wines

Mr Yes Kitchen
Address: Mr Yes Kitchen, Survey No 231/2, kaspate road, Wakad, Pune - 411057, Kaspate Wasti Near Pcmc School

New Elite Kitchen And Interior In Wakad
Address: Elite Kitchen And Interior New Elite Kitchen And Interior in Wakad, Pune, Shop No 2 Sakar Building, Aundh Hinjewdi Road, Wakad, Pune - 411057, Near Apple Hospital Vishal Nagar Jagtap Dairy

Creations Creations In Aundh
Address: Creations Creations in Aundh, Pune, Flat No 10 Payal Apartment Deepa Co Operative Housing Society, D P Road, Aundh, Pune - 411007, Near Bank Of Maharashtra

Kitchen Decor In Aundh
Address: Kitchen Decor Kitchen Decor in Aundh, Pune, Shop No 3 And 4 Kunal Apartment, Aundh, Pune - 411007, Near Sony World Sanghavi Nagar

Kitchen Maker
Address: Kitchen Maker, Survey No 19/3/13, Aundh Ravet Road, Jagtap Dairy, Pune - 411027, Near Chamunda Stone

Home Decor
Address: Home Decor, Survey No 321, Bombay Banglore Highway, Bavdhan, Pune - 411021, Patil Nagar Opposite Crystal Honda Showroom

Ritika Kitchen In Bavdhan
Address: Ritika Kitchen Ritika Kitchen in Bavdhan, Pune, Shop No 3-4 Shree Vihar Society, NDA Road, Bavdhan, Pune - 411021, Ramnagar Colony Opp Reliance Fresh

Natraj Modular Kitchen Trolley
Address: Natraj Modular Kitchen Trolley, Lohagaoan Dhanori Road, Dhanori, Pune - 411015, Near Vitthal Mandir

Samarth Modular Kitchen Trolleys
Address: Samarth Modular Kitchen Trolleys, Survey No 52 Shop No 1 Bhairav Nagar, Dhanori Road, Dhanori, Pune - 411015, Near Gagangiri Mangal Karyalay

Stylish Modular Kitchen Trolleys
Address: Stylish Modular Kitchen Trolleys, Shop No 1, Dhanori Lohagaon Road, Dhanori, Pune - 411015, Opposite Canara Bank

Kitchen Decor In Kothrud
Address: Kitchen Decor Kitchen Decor in Kothrud, Pune, Shop No 3 And 4 Sarthak Tower, Kothrud, Pune - 411029, Near Shivaji Statue Opposite
Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagriha

Magic Kitchen And Interior Solution In Kothrud
Address: Magic Kitchen And Interior Solution Magic Kitchen And Interior Solution in Kothrud, Pune, Shop No 07 Swapna Sakar Building, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune - 411038, Near Bhusari Colony Opposite CCD Near India Infoline Office

Meher Kitchen Interiors Pvt Ltd
Address: Meher Kitchen Interiors Pvt Ltd, GomatiVilla, Paud Road Main Road, Kothrud, Pune - 411038, Bhusari Colony Nr Telephone Exchange

Meine Kuche India Pvt Ltd
Address: Meine Kuche India Pvt Ltd, First Floor Bidkar Icon, Kothrud, Pune - 411029, Opposite Rahul Nagar Near Karve Statue

Mr Kitchen And Modular Kitchen
Address: Mr Kitchen and Modular Kitchen, Shop No 4, Dhanukar Colony Road, Kothrud, Pune - 411029, Near Dhanukar Circle

Aacord Aacord In Dhayari
Address: Aacord Aacord in Dhayari, Pune, 116/3 Sitai Industrial Estate, Dhayari, Pune - 411041, Beside Omega Heritage

Kitchen Express
Address: Kitchen Express, Shop No. 4, Wing Rivera Building, DSK Road, Dhayari, Pune - 411041, Near Savitribal Mangal Karayalaya

Adeetya's Kitchen Ideas
Address: Adeetya's Kitchen Idea's, Shop No 13 Waghere Empire, main road morwadi , Pimpri, Pune - 411018, Near Gharonda Hotel Morwadi

Duroflex Kitchens
Address: Duroflex Kitchens, Shop No 5, Premier Plaza, Phase 2, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Pimpri Gaon-Chinchwad, Pune - 411019, Near Big Bazar

Eminent Modular Kitchen Trolley
Address: Eminent modular kitchen & Trolley, shop no.22, fusion park, Pimpri, Pune - 411018, ajmera

Kitchen World
Address: Kitchen World, Pimpri, Pune - 411018, Shagun Chowk Opposite Tulsidas Kirana

Hafele India Pvt Ltd
Address: Hafele India Pvt Ltd, S No 587 Off No 12 Vastushree Complex, Market Yard, Pune - 411037, New Hyde Park Gultekdi

Ats Kitchen In Bhosari Pimpri Chinchwad
Address: ATS Kitchen ATS Kitchen in Bhosari-Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, Radhakrishna Complex, Flat No. A 603, Tirupati Chowk, Indrayani Nagar, Bhosari-Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune - 411039, Above Bank Of Maharashtra, Near Vaishnovi Matta Mandir

Dur Flex Decor
Address: Dur Flex Decor, Bhosari Colony-bhosari, Pune - 411039

Kitchen Gallery
Address: Kitchen Gallery, Jai Ganesh Samrajya G-25, Spine Road, Bhosari Colony-bhosari, Pune - 411039, Near Moshi

Esses Kitchen Trollies
Address: Esses Kitchen Trollies, Office No 1 Anandvan, Chinchwad, Pune - 411033, Ganesh Nagar Opposite Lokmanya Hospital,

Exotic Furniture
Address: Exotic Furniture, Shop No - B 11 Empire Estate, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Chinchwad East, Pune - 411019, Near Ranka Jewellers, Opp. Indusind bank

Navratna Ply Hardware And Kitchen Point
Address: Navratna Ply Hardware And Kitchen Point, Survey No 71, New Sangvi Road, Pimple Gurav, Pune - 411061, Shitole Nagar Opposite Maaz Bakery

Ram Modular Kitchen
Address: Ram Modular Kitchen, Anand Park, Shop No 1, Pimple Gurav, Pune - 411061, Near Siddhi Hospital, Katepuram Chowk

Ark Interior Solutions
Address: Ark Interior Solutions, Survey No 30/1, Shop No 4 & 5, Pune Satara Road, Dhankawadi, Pune - 411043, Opposite Balaji Nagar Bus Stop

Narendra Kitchen And Interior Designer In Vadgaon Sheri
Address: Narendra Kitchen And Interior Designer Narendra Kitchen And Interior Designer in Vadgaon Sheri, Pune, Survey No 36, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune - 411014, Mozeswadi, Opposite National Children Academy

Kitchen Plus In Katraj
Address: Kitchen Plus Kitchen Plus in Katraj, Pune, Mumbai Pune Road, Katraj, Pune - 411046, Near Podar International School

The Kitchens In Katraj
Address: The Kitchens The Kitchens in Katraj, Pune, Shop No 2 Shree Vitthal Heritage, Ambegaon Road, Datta nagar, Katraj, Pune - 411046, Near Dattanagar Chowk

Chandan Living And Interior
Address: Chandan Living And Interior, Survey No 140/2 Orange Life, Pashan, Pune - 411021, Near Saraswat Bank,Opposite Datta Mandir

New Bombay Kitchen
Address: New Bombay Kitchen, Shop No 1 Patil Plaza, Parvati, Pune - 411009, Near Mitramandal Chowk Sarasbaug View Map

Bishnoi Modular Kitchen Decor And Fancy Hardware And Plywood
Address: Bishnoi Modular Kitchen Decor And Fancy Hardware And Plywood, Shop No 1, Moshi Dehu Road, Moshi, Pune - 412105, Near Nageshwar Washing Centre, Near Pune Nashik Highway

Chamunda Steel Modular Kitchen
Address: Chamunda steel modular kitchen, Shop no 1, Walekar wadi main road, Akurdi, Pune-Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune - 411019, Chinchwad nagar

Priya Modular Kitchen
Address: Priya Modular Kitchen, CNG Pump, Telco Road, Nigdi Pradhikaran-Akurdi, Pune-Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune - 411044, Near Bajaj Auto Yamuna Nagar Gate

Kismat Hardware in Mukund Nagar
Address: Kismat Hardware Kismat Hardware in Mukund Nagar, Pune, Shop No 111 And 114 Laxmi Vilas Building, Mukund Nagar, Pune - 411037, Opposite Bank Of Maharashtra

Mr Kitchen
Address: Mr Kitchen, Survey No 117/A/1 Shop No 14 1st Floor Kanchan Heights, Tanaji Malusare Road, Panmala-Dattawadi, Pune - 411030, Opposite Axis Bank,

Kavs Kitchens
Address: Kavs Kitchens, Shop No 7,Krishna Apartment, Gultekdi, Pune - 411037, Opposite Apsara Theatre

Kitchen World
Address: Kitchen World, Karve Road , Erandwane, Pune - 411004, Nal Bus Stop

Agneya Kitchen
Address: Agneya Kitchen, Neelam Apartment, Bibvewadi, Pune - 411037, Opp Shree Mahalaxmi Nagar

Riddhi Kitchen Trolley
Address: Riddhi Kitchen Trolley, Survey No 39/315, Maharshi Nagar-Bibvewadi, Pune - 411037, Opposite Zambre Palace Dhaghe Path

Sunshine Modular Furniture
Address: Sunshine Modular Furniture, Factory 622/3a, Ganga Dham Chowk, Bibvewadi, Pune - 411037, Near Jat Samaj Mandir

Casa Italia
Address: Casa Italia, 2423, Shop No 1/2 Chetna Apartment, East Street Main Road, Camp, Pune - 411001, Near Dass Electronics

Elica Studio In Camp
Address: Elica Studio Elica Studio in Camp, Pune, Survey No 222, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Camp, Pune - 411001, Next To Chandan Stores

Adeetyas Kitchen System
Address: Adeetyas Kitchen System, Survey No 166/1 Dalvi Industrial Estate, Nanded Phata, Sinhagad Road-Vadgaon Budruk, Pune - 411041, Behind Ganesh Mangal Karyalaya

Dipti Interiors
Address: Dipti Interiors, Shop No 8 B Wing, Vadgaon Budruk, Pune - 411041, Shree Swami Samarth Nagar

Royal Kitchen Decor
Address: Royal kitchen decor, Krishna heights, Shop no 107, Ravet, Pune - 412101, Opp,d y patil college

Jai Mata Di Modular Kitchen And Furniture
Address: Jai Mata Di Modular Kitchen And Furniture, Shop no. 20, Ganga Complex, Yerawada, Pune - 411006, Airport rd, Opp. Neeta Park

Kook Kitchen Koncepts
Address: Kook Kitchen Koncepts, Shop No 7 Hermes Complex, Dhole Patil Road Main Road, B S Dhole Patil Road, Pune - 411001

Antique Kitchens Enterprises
Address: Antique Kitchens Enterprises, Metro 9, Shop No 16, Sector No 38, Plot No Lc 1, Aundh Road, Rahatani, Pune - 411017, Opposite Park Street Kalewadi Phata

Parth Kitchen Trolleys & Interiors
Address: Parth Kitchen Trolleys & Interiors, Shop No 2 Saraswati Sadan, Mundhwa, Pune - 411036, Nr Lonkar High School

Steel Life Kitchens Rails And Pvt Ltd
Address: Steel Life Kitchens Rails And Pvt Ltd, S No 43/1, Chimbali Phata, Pune Nashik Highway, Chimbli Gaon Road, Chimbli, Pune - 412105, Near Bhandari Farm House,

Bhagyalaxmi Modular Kitchens and Furnitures
Address: Bhagyalaxmi Modular Kitchens and Furnitures, Shop No A/7,Suraj Apt, NIBM Road, NIBM-Kondhwa Khurd, Pune - 411048, Opp.RIMS International School

Kitchenette Complete Kitchen Solution
Address: Kitchenette Complete Kitchen Solution, Survey No 1/4, Alandi Road, Dighi, Pune - 411015, Near Parande Nagar, Amare Colony

Al Husain Decor And Kitchen
Address: Al Husain Decor And Kitchen, Shop No 10 Piccaso Kedari Arcade, Salunkhe Vihar, Pune - 411040

Jainams Kitchen Interior Furniture
Address: Jeevans Kitchen, Plot No 97 Asha Kunj Shitole Nagar, Old Sanghavi, Sangavi, Pune - 411027, Opp Bhalerao Child Hospital

Jeevans Kitchen
Address: Jainams Kitchen Interior Furniture, New Sangavi, Pune - 411027, Opp Narsinha Residency Near Union Bank Famous Chowk

Laxmi Kitchen Equipments & Gas Services
Address: Laxmi Kitchen Equipments & Gas Services Laxmi Kitchen Equipments & Gas Services in Talawade, Pune, Gat No 95 Sonawane Vasti Jyotibanagar, Talawade, Pune - 412114, Taluka Haveli

Gayatri Kitchen Interior In Karve Nagar Hingne Budrukh
Address: Gayatri Kitchen & Interior Gayatri Kitchen & Interior in Karve Nagar-Hingne Budrukh, Pune, Yogiraj Co Op Society Shop No.1, Karve Nagar Road, Karve Nagar-Hingne Budrukh, Pune - 411052, Near Pratidnya Hall

Suvarnarekha Interior And Kitchen
Address: Suvarnarekha Interior And Kitchen, Survey No 38/1 B Plot No 2 Suvarnarekha Society, Karve Nagar-Hingne Budrukh, Pune - 411052, Near Bank Of Maharashtra Near Alankar Police Station

Pristine Kitchen Interior
Address: Pristine Kitchen & Interior, Shop No 5 TAIN Square, Fatima Nagar-wanwadi, Pune - 411040, Next To CCD Opposite Inamdar Hospital