Parallel Kitchen Pune

This kitchen is basically a corridor with appliances and work centers placed along two opposite walls. Aim at placing food storage and preparation on one side facing the stove or cooktop. The drawback is that traffic passes through the centre.

Segregation in a kitchen is a very important factor which makes kitchen chores much easy to be carried on. Parallel Kitchen design is one such type of a modular kitchen which demonstrates the utmost necessity of separateness of different working space inside your kitchen. Say for example, if you have a narrow kitchen area, then you would face a lot of trouble in doing the cooking work and washing work at the same end. A parallel kitchen allows you to keep all your kitchen appliances which needs dry and moisture free area on one side and separates the wash basin and other water involving works on the opposite end. It is an appropriate option for homes in Pune where you may have two different food cultures in the same house. It means that the vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffs can be kept separated so that no one actually has any problem with the other. Parallel Kitchens are much like U-Shaped kitchen and is very comfortable to work in even when two or more people are present inside.

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